INCARNATION.AI is a virtual incarnation of an entity or person that embodies their character, spirit or quality. It uses AI and machine learning to help with reasoning and decision-making to create an entity that eventually can go even beyond the capabilities of their incarnation.

Applications of INCARNATION.AI are many, below are some examples:

- A CEO uses his virtual incarnations to be highly effective and participate in parallel meetings, while still being informed by the AI about key decisions to be made.

- Organizations can define a virtual incarnation that represents their values as defined in their mission statements and create an incarnation that will act and reason accordingly.

- In the physical world, incarnations embodied by robots will be able to represent that person or entity in certain business as well as personal settings.

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Currently we are on the lookout for co-founders, in particular AI research scientists. If this is not your background, we'd love to hear what you're passionate about. Please contact us and if we have an opportunity we think might fit, we'll get in touch.